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We bring together the perspectives of disabled people to center disability and sexuality in a variety of ways.

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We are here to bring personal, community, and institutional change regarding disability and sexuality.

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Whether you contribute financially, become an active member, or simply list yourself in our directory, your involvement brings us closer to our goals!

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Connect with us and make a real difference in the accessibility of sex education for disabled people!

Get Involved

Your time, effort, and financial donations are all welcome to help make our work possible.

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Disability-informed sex education is difficult to find. We're working to make it readily available to those who want and need it most: people with disabilities and other educators who teach disabled people about sex .

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Your financial generosity makes our work possible. Funds are used for paying our classes' language service providers (ASL, CART, Spanish translation), our educators, and our operating costs.

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If your work centers disability and sexuality, please add yourself to our directory of disability and sexuality educators, artists, content creators, advocates, and others passionate about disability-informed sex education.

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Join our active members in making Pleasurable a welcoming place for others involved in disability and sexuality. Whether you can offer four hours per month or four hours per day of your time, we welcome you!


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