Our Team

Amber DiPietra is a cis Latinx white-passing writer, performance artist, intimacy and creativity coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, disability activist, and sex worker rights activist. She cofounded Pleasurable and is also the cofounder of the Tampa Bay Area chapter of the national Sex Workers Outreach Project. She is currently based in St. Petersburg FL, but sometimes works in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is always available virtually. Visit her website at thebodypoetik.com or email amberdipietra@gmail.com to find out how to work with her. She can also be found as @thebodypoetik on Twitter and Instagram.

Angela Michelle is a certified sexologist, body image coach, empowerment photographer, yoga instructor, speaker, educator and advocate.  She became invisibly disabled in 2016 after a stroke. That event was a catalyst for change and inspired her to pursue advocacy work. She became involved in Pleasurable after attending a class where she was first introduced to Caz and the organization. Realizing it aligned with her own mission for empowerment and inclusivity she officially became a guiding member in December 2021.

Ashira (she/her/hers) graduated with her Master of Public Health from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.  Following her graduation from Columbia University, Ashira also received CHES certification.  Ashira is passionate about child, youth and family health with an interest in improving healthcare and educational experiences for all young people.  Ashira is especially committed to advocacy and health promotion on behalf of youth with physical disabilities, chronic illness and complex health needs.  Ashira has been involved in a variety of advocacy-related efforts as part of her local disability community for over 10 years.

Caz (they/them) is a cripsex agitator, disability activist, educator, and writer. They have been involved with multiple radical leftist and feminist cooperatives, organizing groups, and conferences since 1999. In recent years, their focus has been on accessibility and inclusion, particularly within the sexuality industry. In their free time, they advocate for technological rights / freedom and provide training to those interested in increasing their internet security. Connect with them at @CazKilljoy and ConnectWithCaz.com.

Jasmine Johnson, MSW, MA, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and owner of  Blue Pearl Therapy, a virtual mental health practice where she specializes in consent, trauma awareness, BIPOC advocacy, BDSM and kink-informed nonmonogamy, and intimacy issues related to age, anxiety, and trauma.

Katrina “Boots” Rainsong (they/them) is a Nonbinary, Queer Femme, Biracial Performance Artist, Sexuality Educator, Coach, Truth Seeker, and Shame Buster in Arizona. Founder of The Good Love Project, they believe that facts dissolve fear and truth dismantles shame. Katrina/Boots has presented across the country (and internationally) at birth centers like Midwives Rising, yoga studios, adult stores, dungeons (Arizona Power Exchange and Desert Dominion), One N Ten, Lifestyle clubs like True Nudists and Passion Suite Club and the ISTA Sexuality and Consciousness Conference. “I believe everyone deserves Good Lovin’ and anyone can be a Good Lover!”

Sarah (she/they) is a disabled and neurodivergent agender femme who is passionate about access, pleasure, compassion, information design, and education. As an artist and exhibition designer they enjoy collaborating on projects that combine data and expression that emphasize the nuances of lived experiences. They have honed their skills in constructive critique via their experience in fine arts and design and find these skills applicable to sensitivity consulting and creating content that actively supports a diverse user base.