Get Involved

Being a part of Pleasurable (as a guiding member, volunteer, team member, advisory board member, or mentor) does not mean that individuals must give up their own brands/work.

Any work outside of Pleasurable need not have Pleasurable’s name on it if you don’t want it there.

Pleasurable does not claim co-authorship of your work.

Individuals are welcome to say they are associated with (member of, volunteer for, etc.) Pleasurable.

Furthermore, any work within Pleasurable (such as a blog post or resource guide) can have the individual’s name(s) on it as credit if they wish.

Copyright licensing will vary by the format of the work.


Please check each task or position for which you would be interested in volunteering.

We ask that potential volunteers be able to spend 1-5 hours per week on volunteering with Pleasurable.

Currently, our greatest needs are assistance engaging with social media, creating TikTok content, keeping the events calendar spreadsheet updated, and adding relevant hashtags and URLs to our awareness calendars.